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We are master super yacht craftsman
Welcome to Logica Yachts
The extraordinary vessels created by Logica Yachts exude timeless charm and sophistication, embodying the epitome of refined luxury. 

The harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality is seamlessly achieved ensuring both comfort and style. 

Discover the pinnacle of luxurious yachting and indulge in a lifestyle of extraordinary splendor. 

This is a super yacht created by Logica Yachts. 

The expertise behind the stunning creation of the exterior lines of the yacht has been extended to the interior.

Planning & development
The voyage begins with the clients vision for the unique super yacht. 

A design team of highly experienced individuals, leaders in their fields, boasting in excess of 200 years of knowledge in the super yacht industry covering all aspects of yacht building, including craftsman, engineers, designers, interior designers and most importantly yachtsman, TAKE THE VISION THROUGH TO REALITY.

With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technologies, LOGICA YACHTS pushes the boundaries of yacht design, constantly striving to deliver the highest standards of excellence.

The planning phase involves meticulous attention to detail, from hull design and stability analysis to propulsion systems and onboard amenities. Each yacht is carefully crafted to optimize performance, safety, and comfort, ensuring an
unparalleled yachting experience.

Throughout the development process, quality control measures are implemented at every stage to ensure that the final product surpasses expectations. LOGICA YACHTS’s commitment to precision planning and development is reflected in the exceptional yachts that grace the waters,
providing owners with unrivaled luxury and peace of mind.


From concept to reality

The aesthetics of these splendid sleek motor yachts are crafted from steel and aluminium to create a vessel of not only exquisite beauty but a craft delivering all round excellence in safety, comfort, range and performance. 

The sleek lines that grace the exterior are adhorned with the finest yachting chandliery, brass, silverware, wood and positioned to work in an effortless and efficient manner.

Ask what is of paramount importance to any voyage and the answer is safety, stability and propulsion. Each Logica yacht is specifically designed to incorporate the most state of art electronic stability and propulsion system to combat the most challenging water conditions yet maintaining economy and efficiency.

Incorporated into the sleek design of the exterior so as not to disturb the stunning appearance, are safety tenders which in themselves are crafts of exceptional quality and practicality. 

Luxurious interiors
Step on board the Logica super yacht and live its its predecessors, immediately experience the sophistication of a craft that has been designed by experts with every detail and professionally considered.

From inception, the experience behind the creation of the sunning exterior lines of the yacht has been extended to the interior. The design team including educated yachtsman in construction with a combination a renowned designers and interior designers who have been handed an exceptional canvass on which to build their design.

Every detail has been considered. The starting point– input from experienced yachtsman to understand the essential design elements. 

The result– maximum comfort and efficiency for the guests.

The essentials are handed to the designers and interior designers who with the collaboration of the client create individual areas of timeless beauty using only the finest and the most suitable materials to produce an object of art, luxury and extreme comfort.

The result of implementing these key elements being am unrivaled, totally exceptional and unique super yacht to be designed by only the most deserving of owners.

extraordinary craftsmanship
Every aspect of a Logica Yachts ambiance has been designed to surpass expectation and deliver an atmosphere of total relaxation and indulgence.

The luxury cabins, fine dining areas and leisure facilities exceed in delivering the ultimate seafaring experience.

our team
Riccardo Benetti
Operations director at LOGICA YACHTS

For over 40 years Ricardo Benetti has been involved in the construction of motor yachts. He started working in his father’s shipyard as technical and production Manager and, some years later he founded Benetti sail division for building sail yachts (later « Fratelli Benetti »).

In 1981 « Benetti sail division’ became and independent co. He wants to assure that his customers have a reliable, safe vessel, capable of coping with any sea conditions. In 2013 he met his actual business partner, the boss of the big Jesta Group, and they decided to develop together a new line of motor yachts  » Logica » which should represent the « state of the art » of a new concept for building Custom innovative yachts.

our team
Federico Bennewitz
Technical Advisor at LOGICA YACHTS

Having over 30 years of experience in the yachting industry, Mr Bennewitz brings to LOGICA YACHTS his indispensable technical knowledge.

In his portfolio we can find many impressive new build and refit projects with renowned brands including Perini Navi, Sanlorenzo, Viareggio Superyachts, Nautor Group, Wally, and, currently, Logica.

our team
Acube Design
Project design

Acube Design was founded in Viareggio in 2014, from the dreams of two young Italian designers.

The two designers, Alessio Benassini and Alessio Merciadri, with their previous experience in industrial, naval and civil design, joined forces to realise innovative projects, in a contemporary, elegant style with meticulous attention to detail.
Each concept project is designed using a combination of techniques from freehand to photorealism, to ensure the client’s brief is fully met. »Commitment and passion are the key features of our design. »

our team
Martin Kemp Design
Project design

London-based highly creative interior design studio, that aims to produce the world’s finest solutions for interiors, developments, architecture, yachts, private jets, cars, furniture and product.

Viale Europa, 2c 55049 Viareggio LU Italy