logica 59
Logica yachts is pleased to present logica 59, a luxury, seagoing, three screw propeller motor yacht with excellent sea-keeping qualities, suitable for world-wide cruising.

The project of the hull lines has involved Eng. Pierluigi Ausonio of Plana Design, the most important naval Architect actually involved, in Italy, in superyachts project. Scale model test has been performed in the Tank test of Zagreb including the rough sea condition with wave’s height up to 3 meters.

For the interior Design we have involved Martin Kemp Design, one of the most important and famous International designer in cooperation with ACube design of Viareggio

The exterior design of Logica 59 M was studied by Acube Design and, step by step, checked by the Logica’s technical team in order to match the “design” with the technical
solutions, each detail of the boat is the result of a “brainstorm”.

Eng. Roberto Vergara of Tecnav, the most important Italian noise and vibration Technician, has been involved just from the beginning in order to study all the best solutions for Noise and vibrations reduction. Just for realizing what kind of job he made, please, note that on a 180” ft. by other first class Italian shipyards, usually, they treat 600 sq. meters by fitting special steel plates for adding mass in order to reduce vibrations, in Logica 59 M we are treating 1.100 sq. meters!

the team
In order to coordinate all the projecting activities Riccardo Benetti, Director of operations in Logica, has improved the original Logica’s team,

Federico Bennewitz formerly general manager of Viareggio Super Yachts (builder of the 62 meters Candyscape and Roma and 72 mtrs. Stella Maris).

Mr. Elliott Aintabi, as “Boss” of Logica yachts and very experienced yachtsman is motivating the Team promoting for new innovative solutions and pressing for the best quality standards.

RiNa register has been appointed for the Certification and Surveying of Logica 59 M

In addition to the standard certification they have been committed to release the compliance to MCA certification, the Green Class and the Comfort class.



All external steel surfaces have been sandblasted in SA 2.5 standard, as usually, and all interior steel surfaces, including steel ceilings, have been sandblasted in SA 2.5 standard as well.


DP Positioning

Logica 59 M has a professional dynamic positioning system performed through a 150 KW Schottel Jet stern thruster, a 200 KW CMC bow thruster, and a Kongsberg dynamic positioning control.

Schottel is fitted on the stern bottom and could be run even as a “take me home” system sailing at 5/6 knots in case of main engine failures as well as for sailing in special water like Marine Natural Park

The Kongsberg system fitted on board is the “state of the art” of the dynamic positioning system and, thanks to all the optional selected, it can drive the boat up to the mooring point.

Additional Kongsberg remote box for maneuvering and sailing with the boat from the sun deck in order to guarantee more privacy to guest and Owner on the pool deck.

Teak Decking

As well as for the main features of the boat, for the teak decking we have selected the best Italian contractor, the thickness of the main deck shall be of 20 mm. (high thickness if we compare with the 15/18 mm. on the yachts of this class)



The main gangway (Passerella) built by Pin Craft, a specialized company for custom built passerella, can turn up to 90° in order to allow to go to the pier even when the boat is moored “long side”, in addition we have an 1.5 meter extension for making easier to step on and down.


Sun Deck

A part of the sundeck is covered by an aluminum hard top and all around we shall fit special sliding glasses (openable like the pages of a book) in order that you can have a closed space, airconditioned, or an open space with natural wind ventilation.


Sun Awning

We are fitting two special custom folding sun awning systems for covering the main deck cockpit and the upper deck cockpit, both recessed, when close, inside a special alu box.


Swimming Pool

In the fore part of the upper deck, we have fitted a large swimming pool, 3.0 x 7.0 meters, 20% bigger than on the other boat of this class, equipped with 6 hydromassage points and counter stream swimming machine.

The inside of the swimming pool will be linen in “bisazza” and the outside in teak.


Beach Area

The beach area is one of the “must” of the yacht since starting from the 70 sq. meters of the area when the 3 platforms are closed, we can reach up to 100 sq. meters when all swimming platforms will be opened.

Inside the beach area is equipped with a professional sauna, a toilet with a big shower box, a bar corner and a fitness area for guests.

About Interiors

As we have reported in the premises, the interior Design is made by Martin Kemp Design

All details are considered ready for the production after many revisions and discussion with Acube Design, responsible for the construction drawings, and the focus is on the research of the best materials.

For instance the boat is plenty of marbles, top Italian Marbles like “Calacatta Borghini” and each single marble slab will be checked .

In the crew area we will have a separate kitchen, in order that the main kitchen, on the main deck, is reserved to the Owner’s and his guest.

The Logica 59M has an underlower deck with a 1.85 meter clearance, and, in addition to the technical spaces, we have a separate iron press and laundry room, equipped with Miele Professional washing and drying machines, and fully airconditioned.

Close to the laundry we are fitting a refrigerating room with two walk in refrigerating cells for a total of 2.400 liters and separated refrigerating cells and deep freezer for further 1.000 liters, allowing to store dedicated products like, for instance, sushi food, and, in addition, two big refrigerated wine cellars.

In Owner’s area, recently, we have improved the project obtaining a private fitness area, just in the front of the Owner’s bedroom, for further 30 sq. meters.

The guest bedrooms are 29 sq. meters each and we can say that are the biggest guest suites if compared with the other yachts of this class.



We are fitting a Bertazzoni elevator with clear glass body for a 300° view with s/steel framing. Bertazzoni is the Italian leading firm for marine elevators and no other elevator manufacturer has a customer’s list with such a number of first-class yachts equipped.


AV & Domotic

Just from the beginning Mr. Aintabi has appointed a very well-known Dutch company for taking care of the Audio Video and the domotic with the aim to get the “state of the Art”

All switch plates, even in the crew area, will be by Basalte , all electric curtains will be powered by Lutron engines and Light’s management through a Lutron Driver’s system.


Air Conditioning

The air con system has been projected with an innovative “4 pipes system”, not usual on yachts of this class in order to have the best performances during all seasons.

The system is based on a primary system which could supply the air con to all the rooms of the boat and a secondary system which could supply the air con to the crew area when Owner and guest are not on board.

As well it is possible to use primary and secondary system at the same time in order to have a mix of cold and hot air for obtaining the best climate inside.

technical specification
logica 59 at a glance

Overall length 59,00 mtrs
Lenght Registered 56,00 mtrs
Length at water line 54,80 mtrs
Beam O.A. 10,50 mtrs
Height from main deck 4,75 mtrs
Design draft 2,85 mtrs
Inside height at main deck 2,20 mtrs
Light Ship displacement (indication) 680,0 Tons
Gross tonnage (indication) 920,0 GT

Guest 12pax
Crew 11+1 mbrs

Fuel tanks capacity  107,0 m3
AD Blue tank capacity 4,5 m3
Fresh water tanks capacity 20,0 m3
Pool Holding tanks capacity 15,0 m3
Technical Water tank capacity 20,0 m3
Black water tank capacity 5,8 m3
Grey water tank capacity 5,8 m3

Max speed at 1/3load conditions 18,00 Kn
Cruising speed (3 engines) 16,25 (±0,5Kn)
Cruising speed (2 side engines) 15,00 (±0,5Kn)
Range at cruising speed 3.500 NM
Range at 12kts economical ruising speed 6.000 NM
Range at 9 kts one engine 10.000 NM

Propulsion system 3 x MAN Diesel 12V
Main engines 1213KW
Propeller 3 x 6 blades
Bow thruster CMC 1x 200KW
Stern thruster SCHOTTEL 1x 150KW